20 SelfCare Ideas

It seems that sometimes life is going fast. We are more and more stressed and often we think about everyone else but ourselves. After all, we deserve some care too. It’s important, once in a while, to take some time off. Whether you can take one day, one hour or 10 minutes, here are some self-care ideas for you.

1. Meditate
2. Drink some tea, herbal tea, hot chocolate or coffee (decafeinated)
3. Paint or colour a colouring page
4. Take a bath with candles or bubble bath. If you prefer, take a shower
5. Nap or just do nothing and « chill »
6. Read a book
7. Walk, do yoga or another physical activity you enjoy
8. Journal
9. Make yourself a manicure & pedicure (or get it done if you life or can afford it)
10. Treat yourself to a face mask, at home (or in a spa)
11. Breathe in and out slowly
12. Get a massage (or give yourself a foot massage)
13. If you have a pet that allows it, (it would be hard is you have a fish…) cuddle with them
14. Watch your favourite movie
15. Dance to a song you enjoy
16. Buy youself flowers
17. Unplug from you phone and computer
18. Strech
19. Look at photos that make you happy
20. Stargaze