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70 advent calendar fillers ideas

Christmas is the time of the year I feel like a child. As a kid, I loved those calendars with a little chocolate everyday until Christmas eve. Those chocolates tasted like crap and were bad quality, but it was fun. I enjoy having an advent calendar still as an adult. Now I go for more higher hand chocolate.

DIY advent calendar

I made a tutorial to make a very simple advent calendar with gift bags.

What to buy and not to buy at Dollarama

Dollarama can be a great place. I remember when my hometown got one, it was awesome. We didn't need to drive 2 cities to get there. We would mainly buy chocolate bars, when they were 2 for $1.

I made this list of what I think is worth to buy there and what is not worth it.

89 stocking stuffers ideas

I have a stocking for as long as I can remember. This was always a fun thing to open at Christmas. Back when I was a kid, I would not get treat from the dollar store because I harassed my parents. No. But every Christmas mom & dad (I think mostly mom) would fill it with fun little stuff I liked. I was big on collecting erasers, pencil, keychains, stickers etc. so it was easy to fill it up.

When I moved out of their home I kept the tradition and I still do, even if I’m single now and fill it myself.
Here are some ideas on what to fill your stocking, or the one of a loved one!