50 things to get rid of now

Clutter is an issue for me and many people. Here are some things I feel won’t be missed when you get rid of them. Always dispose of things appropriately : recycle or use special collect. I know some stores in my area recycle old electronics and ink cartridges.  Drugstore accept old medication and used syringes.

  1. Anything broken you told yourself "I’m gonna repair it" but you never did.
  2. Broken (and not repairable) purse, bag or backpack.
  3. Broken or stained clothes. Do you need 5 "in case I’m doing something dirty" t-shirts?
  4. Cards and gifts from exes.
  5. Case for an old phone or tablet.
  6. Change the battery in the smoke detector.
  7. Cheap hangers, like the dry cleaner ones.
  8. Chipped mugs, glasses or plates. They are hazardous.
  9. Dried out markers.
  10. Electric cords that don’t match anything.
  11. Expired beauty products.
  12. Expired coupons.
  13. Expired food in the fridge and pantry.
  14. Expired medication, bring them back to your drugstore.
  15. Expired sunblock, it’s not very effective after.
  16. Extra pans and cake pans, specially if you don’t bake much.
  17. Extra photo prints you have no use for.
  18. Hair elastics that are too loose
  19. More than a year old pay cheque
  20. Old bank and credit card statement, you can always get them online.
  21. Old computer, cellphone and electronics.
  22. Old frayed towels.
  23. Old games that only work under Windows 95 or OS 9.
  24. Old jewelry, like your ex’s engagement ring. Go sell it back.
  25. Old magazines. If you like an article, tear it and put it in a binder or scan it.
  26. Old mail.
  27. Old nail polish you don’t like or has a weird texture. Dispose of it properly.
  28. Old product boxes, you don’t need those for warranty.
  29. Old school book with no valid informations. I would never throw away my font book, but the 4th grade English as a second language book may go.
  30. Old or uncomfortable pillow.
  31. Old vision glasses. Keep the last pair, but get rid of the older ones. You don’t need the glasses you had in 5th grade.
  32. Orphan gloves/mittens.
  33. Orphan lids for plastic containers.
  34. Orphan socks.
  35. Pens that don’t work.
  36. Prom attire, you won’t wear it again.
  37. Receipts for un-important purchases.
  38. Sample size of toiletries, be hones, you won’t use it
  39. Scrap of wrapping paper
  40. Spare parts you never use or don’t have the product anymore
  41. Taxes papers 7+ year old. Check with your local laws but in Canada, it’s 6 years
  42. The vacuum bag (or empty the canister) chance it’s been a long time since you did.
  43. Things you haven't used in years and are not souvenir.
  44. Kitchen sponge, chance is it’s been a while
  45. Toothbrush, same as sponge.
  46. Toilet brush, same as above.
  47. Unfinished projects.
  48. Worn out bed sheets.
  49. Worn out wallet.
  50. That bra that don’t fits well anymore or pokes your ribcage.

  Do you have anything to add to the list? Tell me in the comment section below.