15 tips to declutter your life

Clutter, everyone has it and everyone wants to manage it. Having lived in apartments (quite smaller than what I see in other posts online) the last 11 years of my life, it’s a constant thing to manage. I’m sharing some tip with you, that can be helpful if you live someplace on the smaller side or you just want to live with less (it feels good, I swear)

I must add that, even with all the type, I’m not giving in to the KonMari method. I feel it would make my apartment a bigger mess and I don’t think I have the energy to do so (yay chronic illness!), it would be overwhelming. So here’s what work for me. Did it works for you do? Do you have suggestions? If so comment on it below.

  1. I always keep 2 laundry bag (from Dollarama, aka for the non-Canadian, the Dollar or Pound store). One is for thing I want to donate and one to sell. It makes it easier when I’m purging stuff.
  2.  The Dollarama is your BFF, specially for plastic bins and dividers.
  3. If you haven’t used or worn the item in a year, you probably won’t need it (I’m not talking about keepsake)
  4. Don’t keep multiple of an item unless you need it. Buying in bulk or multiple when it’s on sale may be a good thing for things you use a lot of (toilet paper, shaving cream, mascara etc.).
  5. Contrary to the KonMari method, I prefer to do one room or area at the time. It’s less messy and confusing that way.
  6. Do not keep things out of guilt. Maybe you paid a lot for it, maybe it’s you’re mother in law who gave this to you, but if you don’t like it and it’s not useful, it’s clutter. Also don’t keep a product you tried and didn’t work for you, get rid of it.
  7. Digitalize what you can, like receipts (plus nowadays they often fade away) user manuals (often they can be found on the Internet). If you have physical CDs that are not so special, rip them on you computer and donate or sell them. Some may even want to keep their movies on their computer as a digital copy (in this case you need some storage… in your computer)
  8. When decluttering and purging, sk youself if you would buy this again. If you say no, then off to the trash, donate or sell pile it goes
  9. Don’t keep clothes that are too small in case someday you’ll loose weight. This is only discouraging and if you do loose weight you can reward yourself with new clothes
  10. If you collect magazines, keep only the article that you want and recycle the rest. I put those in a binder and takes a lot less place.
  11. Get rid of 7+ year old taxes paper. Check with your local laws but in Canada, it’s 6 years
  12. Using double duty items helps cut down the clutter. An ottoman with storage  for example
  13. Try to keep like item together, it makes them easier to manage.
  14. Throw away expired food, make up, or medication (well don’t throw them, bring them back to your pharmacist)
  15. Never block a door with furniture or boxes, it’s dangerous