23 moving tips

I moved a lot in my life. Well since I’m in my 20s. Between 2005 and 2010, I moved 7 times (thanks in part to my ex boyfriend breaking up with me and wanting me back). There was no Pinterest with helpful tips back then so I found out the hard way what works and what doesn't. So here are my tips for a smooth move.
  1. Hire a mover as soon as possible, specially my friends in Quebec moving on July 1st, aka national moving day!
  2. First remove wall art and shelves. They are not essential and it will give you time to patch holes
  3. Then remove the shelf from the bookshelf and pack its content.
  4. Colour code you boxes with those round colour stickers you can find at Staples or Dollarama. Then make a list of where the colour goes. It’s faster to notice the colour than reading the words.
  5. Number you boxes and make a list of what they have in. So much easier to find specific things, you don’t want to open 5 boxes of "Kitchen" to find a can opener
  6. Use garbage bags over hanged clothes to protect them. No need for those fancy and expensive wardrobe boxes
  7. Label your electric cords. You can put them in a Ziploc bag and write what it’s for on it
  8. Take pictures of the cords so you know how they were plugged in (hello TV, DVD, game console, PVR etc)
  9. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile things, newspaper will stain and it’s not fun to wash everything, specially if the thing is question is not washable
  10. Take picture of your home before you leave, you never know…
  11. Take pictures of your future home when signing the lease or visiting it, to figure out where to put your furniture, if it’s gonna fit or if you need to buy some.
  12. Make a box with essential items:Paper platesPlastic cupsPaper towel
  13. Bathroom tissuesBucketRagsCleaning productsHammerGloves Screwdrivers Garbage bagsSharpiesPillow (and sheets)Toothbrush (and dental paste)Change of clothes
  14. Tape shut shampoo, lotions, open boxes in the pantry and condiment bottles
  15. If you have pets, it’s best to find someone take care of them for a few days, not to stress them (and if you paint, the fumes are not that good for most pets)
  16. Forward mail from your old address to your new one 
  17. When the decision of moving is final, start decluttering and sorting things to keep, trash/recycle, donate and sell (if you want to have a garage sale)
  18. Put screws, bolts, hangers for the drapes poles etc in identified Ziploc bags.
  19. Take picture of your valuables
  20. Don’t make boxes heavier than 40 pounds
  21. Check in with your home insurance
  22. Remove or tape doors and drawers from furniture
  23. Defrost your fridge 24 hours in advance.
  24. If you can’t paint in advance, try placing the boxes in a way you’ll be able to paint, aka don’t put them on one wall.