70 advent calendar fillers ideas

Christmas is the time of the year I feel like a child. As a kid, I loved those calendars with a little chocolate everyday until Christmas eve. Those chocolates tasted like crap and were bad quality, but it was fun. I enjoy having an advent calendar still as an adult. Now I go for more higher hand chocolate. 

Thanks to Pinterest, I found out ideas to make your own fillable/re-usable calendar. I decided to make mine for next (this) year, so I would forget what’s in there. I got a mix of tangible goods and activities, free and low cost stuff. Check out my tutorial here.

  1. Watch a Christmas movie
  2. Drink a cup of tea, herbal tea, coffee or hot chocolate (depending on your taste)
  3. Go take a walk around the bloc or somewhere special
  4. Temporary tattoos
  5. Those little brain teaser that often comes with a ball
  6. Chocolate
  7. Candy
  8. Cook a desert
  9. Art & craft supply (like scrapbook embelishments or stickers)
  10. Bubble gum
  11. New Year cracker
  12. Stress ball
  13. Nail polish or file (if you like to do your nails)
  14. Bath bomb
  15. Have a candlelight dinner (even if you’re alone)
  16. Lottery scratch ticket
  17. Make a gingerbread house
  18. Make a puzzle
  19. Cook some spicy nuts
  20. Colour a colouring page
  21. Stamps
  22. Go skating
  23. Fruit by the foot (I loved those things as a child, but mom didn’t)
  24. Bookmark
  25. Yo-yo
  26. Make spiked wine
  27. Relax or meditate for 10 minutes with soothing music
  28. Listening to Christmas music
  29. Make the house smell like Christmas with potpourri
  30. Read a Christmas story or book
  31. A surprise from those little « egg » vending machine
  32. Minibar-Sized alcohol bottle
  33. Keychain
  34. Lip balm
  35. Gingerbread person
  36. A Joke or a fortune
  37. After eight
  38. Ferrero rocher
  39. Fun shaped Post-It
  40. Prepare a box of food for you local food drive
  41. Mints or Tic-Tac
  42. Golf balls
  43. Uno card game
  44. Bouncy ball
  45. Razor blades
  46. Reusable bag
  47. Nail polish or decals
  48. Silly putty
  49. Small pocket calandar
  50. Colouring crayon/pencil (spread a box over some days maybe)
  51. Fishing lure
  52. Needle for seweing, cross stich or quilting
  53. Lego figurines
  54. Do an holiday craft project
  55. Anything from the Dollarama (that’s the dollar/pound store my internationnal friends)
  56. Spend the day in pyjamas
  57. Small nesting dolls
  58. Stones with motivationnal messages
  59. Decorate the Christmas tree
  60. Go check out the Christmas lights
  61. Fun band-aids
  62. Cool pen
  63. Tire pressure gauge
  64. Nail file
  65. Nail clipper
  66. Phone or bag charm
  67. Fun button or badge
  68. Small plush
  69. Build a snowman
  70. Have breakfast in bed