89 stocking stuffers ideas

I have a stocking for as long as I can remember. This was always a fun thing to open at Christmas. Back when I was a kid, I would not get treat from the dollar store because I harassed my parents. No. But every Christmas mom & dad (I think mostly mom) would fill it with fun little stuff I liked. I was big on collecting erasers, pencil, keychains, stickers etc. so it was easy to fill it up.

When I moved out of their home I kept the tradition and I still do, even if I’m single now and fill it myself.

Here are some ideas on what to fill your stocking, or the one of a loved one!

2. Art supplies (pencil, markers, embellishments, hooks etc.)
4. Bath bombs or any bath product, I’m a fan of Lush

6. Book light
7. Calendar or planner

9. Candles
10. Candy cane, a must have IMO
11. Candy coal

12. Car freshener
13. Car wash gift card
14. Cocktail shaker
15. Coffee or tea shop giftcard
16. Coin bank

17. Colouring book

20. Cord keeper for your desk or to keep unused cables

21. Costume jewellry
22. Crossword book
23. Cute nail Brushes
24. Cute pin cushion
25. DIY kit

28. Face mask
29. Fancy note/sketch book for the creative kind
30. Fancy oil
31. Fridge magnets like those pixel ones

32. Fun cupcake liners
33. Fun or cute tote bag
34. Fun shaped post-it
35. Funny shapes ice cube tray
36. Fuzzy socks
37. Gardening gloves
38. Gardening seeds

40. Gloves that works with smartphones
41. Golf balls
42. Good re-usable chopsticks
43. Gourmet salt
44. Hair accessories, for the long haired kind
45. Hand or foot cream
46. Hand sanitizer
47. Handmade coasters: check this tutorial

50. Incense sticks
51. iTunes gift card
52. Jewellry holder

54. Lego, they are not just for kids!
55. Lip balm
56. Local or handmade jam, honey, caramel etc.
57. Lottery ticket
58. Luggage tag
60. Manicure kit

62. Mini alcool bottle
63. Mints
64. Motivational pens or pencils

65. Movie DVD/Blu-Ray
66. Movie gift certificate

68. Nail brush like this hedgehog or whale

69. Nail colours
70.Paperback book
71.Passeport cover
72.Pez dispenser

74. Pretty sketchbook or journal
75. Putty

76. Real vanilla

78. Rubik's cube
79. Scarf, mittens, hat
80. Sudoku book
81. Tea or coffee, I like the Starbucks’ Christmas blend in the VIA packs
82. Tree ornamant
83. Tumbler
84. Tweezers

86. USB flash drive (bonus points if it has a cool shape)
87. Wallet
88. Waterproof disposable camera
89. Word search book

Check out my gifts board on Pinterest for other ideas