A tour of my bedroom

I though of making a series of post showing how my apartment looks like. More importantly, how it looks like most of the time. I always dislike seeing post where you can see it's staged, that 5 minutes after taking the picture it doesn't look like that. Of course I took those on a good day, without laundry being sorted everywhere.

My bedroom is 10' x 15', it's probably the biggest of the 4 apartment I lived in. I have a decent wardrobe, my parents' claim it's bigger than theirs at their home. Oh I must say I live in a rental which is not a condo, it's a bloc of apartments which was built in the 60s or 70s.

I have old stuff, that dates from my room in my parents' room, which is from last century (late 90s!). My 2 1 (the small Billy got replaced last week, after I took picture) white IKEA Billy are souvenirs of my teenage years. The smallest one is a bit damaged, but it's not too apparent. You see my love for IKEA everywhere. Everything in my bedroom is IKEA: bookcases, vanity unit, the chair, the mattress & foundation, dresser, nightstand, even some under the bed storage case and socks & underwear separator.

4-drawer chest
Where everything that gets folded goes

Box, set of 6
Perfect for separating socks, panties and hosiery. They fit in my nightstand and my 4-drawer chest

Storage case
I use those to store stuff under my bed: clothes I don't really wear a lot (like Halloween costumes), some knick knacks and my artworks.

2-drawer chest
What more can I say, it's a just a regular nightstand where I store underwear.

Table, drawer unit, legs

I used to have my Alex unit in my wardrobe, but I though "hey I have the place and it would be nice to have a vanity" so I bought the legs and the table and I had a vanity for wayyyyyyyy cheaper than the regular vanity are. I bought a mirror to complete everything  The chair is one of my kitchen set, which sucks a lot but hey, I was dead broke when I bought it years ago and it was only $115 back then.

The jewelry box is made by my dad. I don't have much jewelry so it's the perfect size for me.

My mattress and foundation are from IKEA, but it's a model that has been discontinued I believe (it's been over 7 years). I do suggest them, mine was bough in 2009 and I love it still. It's the kind you don't feel the other person moving. The ironic thing is I bought this one when my ex left with his mattress, I haven't had anyone to keep me company in that bed. Because I had no money at that time, I got some basic legs.




Not pictured is my closet. I totally forgot to take pictures and to be honest, it's not very pretty. It's your regular sliding door, one pole and one shelf closet. Nothing like what I see on Pinterest. I never saw closets with "real door" unless they are small, like my second room closet (aka the broom cupboard).

Back to my closet. I used Dröna boxes to store purse/bags on the floor and my camera & accessories on the shelf. On that shelf, I'm storing some collections stuff. I also have some Sterilite drawers that stores some record (you know, 12" vinyl) hosiery and some knick knacks .

To be honest, this area need some work still. There's some photography backdrops that might find a better home in my other bedroom. I do have some ideas line up for a closet organization post.


Stacking Drawers
The actual ones I have doesn't exist anymore but you can get similar ones