Try all the crafts

This new year (yeah I'm aware I'm writing this about halfway trough it) I decided to make a craft bucket list. No deadline. I just hope to try all the craft before I die. I'm gonna try all (hopefully) the craft/art techniques I never did.

Credit: Hyperbole and a Half

Here's what's not on the list (aka, I already experimented it)

Drawing (charcoal or pencil)
Nude drawing or painting
Ink drawing
Gouache painting
Acrylic painting
Watercolor painting
Linocut craving & printing
Collage art
Mixed media
Oil pastel
Dry pastel
Spray Paint
Computer drawing (Photoshop or Illustrator)
Drawing with markers
Beaded jewellry making
Friendship bracelet (but I saw a new "model" I have to put on my list)
Photography (traditional and digital)
Pencil colouring

I realised I did a lot, but I have still lot to do. Oil painting is probably on top of my list, along with encaustic (or cold wax) paint. There's also crochet, felting, pottery: making something and decorate it. My list in my journal is 3 big pages long. I even put macrame. I'm not a super fan of it, but why not.

Do you also have a list of craft to try?

Do you have an art bucket list? Share what's on your list and what you did