5 minutes can change everything

Really, I'm not kidding it changed my (cleaning life) life for real. This is not clickbait by the way.

It was in the book How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K White (aka Nony from aslobcomesclean.com). The 5 minute pick up.

I tweaked it out a bit. I don't have kids or a boyfriend so no one can help me. I don't set a timer either. When I watch TV, the time between commercial break are pick up time.

Having an illness that cause fatigue, this is perfect for me. Cleaning/picking things up for more that that is too exhausting. Breaking it up in small doses works well for me, so I figured other spoonies as well.

Are you a spoonie (or not) with some trick on how to clean without exhausting yourself? Feel free to share.