Storing makeup tips

Here are some tips I personally use and others I think some people would find useful

1. The first rule of all: DEPOT! Makeup can be a lot of clutter with all that packaging. I used to want to keep limited edition packages, but not anymore since I discovered depotting. I bought Z-Palettes at my local Sephora and I depotted everything  except lip products and my Naked 3 palette (which is already slim and practical). Also, you can buy "refill" product and sometimes save momey. There's tons of tutorial on the web for almost any brand of make up. Just check out "depot BRAND NAME make up".

2. Acrylic container. I like the GODMORGON box. There's also a full section of acrylic container on the Container Store's website
GODMORGON Box with compartments, transparent

3. That GODMORGON box goes very well in an ALEX drawer unit. I use the drawer as the foot of my makeup table.

ALEX drawer unit

4. I store my doubles/back up in a plasic container in my linen closset. I have all the doubles of my beauty product there. So when I'm out of something, this is where I go get one.

5.Those who don't want to depot (or for those pesky undepotable product) you can use a magnetic makeup board. The instruction can be found on the original post at Laura Thoughts
Make-up Magnet Board

6.Transform a sushi mat in a brush organizer. Check out the tutorial at Irma's Cute box
Brush organizer

7.Store your make up brushes in a vase, pencil cup or SKURAR candle holder. You can use decorative rocks oir crystals to fill the bottom.

Who is Mocca

JMC Creations

8. This is a calssic now, the makeup cart. I'm not fond of the idea for my situa, but I know many like it. Tutorial over at Polka Dot Chair.