2019 a decluttering story: Artworks

Parting ways with artworks and painting was always hard. I found something that might helped me.

I got this trick somewhere on Pinterest about children's artworks. You photograph (or scan) them and toss them away. Why didn't I though of this before?

I have lots of paintings and drawings from my childhood and some nude drawing from my college days. I did scan/photograph them and only keep a few favourites. Same with graphic design projects from college. I do have some of them digitally, but most of them where made in the good old days of QuarkXpress, which I haven't used since over a decade (aka, I don't have access to those)

For some of the the few things I'm keeping, I used an half full huge scrapboook from college and I stuck the artwork in there.

What didn't fit and that I wanted to keep, I used a 48-page porfolio. This is my container, my limit.