2019 a decluttering story: The beginning

My parents just dropped a huge bomb on me recently: they are selling the house in two years (2019)

My mom would said often how she wants to let go of stuff (I'm also helping her sell her stamps albums on eBay). Everything was always a "when we sell the house". My father didn't seemed to want to let go of the house before now.

This is a huge part of my life that will go away, they have this house since they married. I grew up there. Also, the main thing is, a part of the basement is also a storage are for me. I did let go a lot in the past year, but I still have lots of artworks, plush, collection dolls and the beautiful dollhouse my grand-father made when I was 5.

I thought the day they will move out, I'd be married (or in a relationship) with a house of my/our own.


I'm single, not having the means to buy even a condo nor be qualified for invalidity insurance on the loan.

Other rounds of decluttering both at my home and their house are in order. This is going to be harder and harder.