2019 a decluttering story: Collections

Here is something I realized on my 2019 journey about collections.

I'm a collector. I collect and collected many things:

Pencils (I downsized a lot, I kept like 2-3 of them)
Keychains (key ring, whatever those are called)
Rocks (not anymore, I got rid of them)
Button bages (not much anymore, I do have pins right now)

Those were all stored in Rubbermaid bins, most of them at my parents' house. Some of them where in my appartment, but still in my closet in Rubbermaid bins.

The idea started when I got my grandfather's pin collection that my uncle got rid of. I only kept a protion of them that I really liked. I though, hey, let's display some of them in a shadow box.

Why have a collection of something to have in tucked away? I scalled down most of my collection, now I'm thinking about displaying them.

I put some seashells in a glass jar. The special orange shell I always cherished is in it's own small one. Now I only have 2 big seashells and some big clams in my bin.

I'm planning to have a shadow box for my favourite keychains. Some other will be kept in bins, but that will be a lot less.

I'm not sure I'll plan on displaying other collections since they are rather small now.

The bigger ones; sticker and postcards are in album and are easy to go look a it.