The container concept

For many years, to me, a container was a thing to store stuff in. One blogger changer my perception.

That blogger was Dana K White aka Nonny. She has a blog called A Slob Comes Clean which also has a post about the thing that changed my views on containers.

I always thought if I had organization issues, it was because I had the wrong containers. So I bought more containers or bigger ones (or both). This never solved my issues. I was always betting new container thinking one day it would fix all my issues.

That was until I read what Nonny says about containers. My life changed. The containers sets the limit. They contain stuff so it doesn't overflow. It's in the name CONTAIN-er.

Yeah, sometime the container can be the issue, but most time, the content is. That mean stuff cannot overflow the container.

The container is the limit of stuff I can have. If it doesn't fit, I have to part with some things so it does. This new way to see containers changed everything.