Christmas decorating with a chronic illness

I have a chronic illness for a few years (since 2010). I did change some things and I don't decorate the same way at Christmas. Here's some tips that worked for me.

I know each people situation is different. One tip may apply to you while other don't. Those are suggestion, maybe this can also help you find your perfect tips.

1. I use a 3-tier pre-lighted Christmas tree. Since 2009, I had a 3-tier tree it was easy to put up, only 3 pieces (excluding the stand) and "fluffing" the branches. 2 years ago, mine broke and my parents gave me their old one. You had assemble the trunk in three pieces than put in all the branches. This was exhausting to me putting it up and it was not decorated yet

My new tree looks like this one.

2.  Start earlier and do only one bit at the time. To me, there's no "law" you have to wait for December 1st (or whatever date) to decorate.

3. Focus on the rooms you spend the most time in. Do not waste energy to decorate a room you are barely in. In my case, I decorate in my living room and bedroom.

4. Don't put out huge decoration outside. Some people put lights, blow up Santa and all that jazz. This can be exhausting and those decorations are not cheap. To keep the outside of my apartment festive, I hang a Christmas reef on my door.

5. If you can get help, take it. My parents help me decorate (and sometimes I do the same at their house).

6. Using a smaller tree can be a good idea. It's more work to decorate a 7' tree than a smaller one. You can also use those small ceramic Christmas tree lamp. They are compact and don't take to much energy to put out. It can be good if you don't have a ton of space or maybe you spend a lot of time in your bedroom and want a little tree to spruce (pun intended) up that room.

7. You like the scent of a real tree, but it's too heavy to haul? Use spruce scented perfume, essential oil or Scentsicle.

8. If putting on a tree or decorations is too much spoons for you, put on some blanket/throw or pillows with festive motives. It will put you in the mood without depleting your energy too much.

9. Keep things simple. You shouldn't let anyone pressure you that you house isn't festive enough, that you should decorate more. You do things your way. It may also changes from year to year due to your situation too.

10. When the holidays are over and it's time to remove everything, gather the decorations in one place and then put them in the boxes where they belong. I often do this in 2 phases: first I take the decoration from around the house under de Christmas tree, then at an other time, I put them in the plastic bins they belong to.