Spending Christmas alone

It's no easy to be alone at Christmas. While I'm not 100% alone because I have my parents, I have no boyfriend other to spend the holiday with. I may spend Christmas with them, but I'm alone on the 24. So here's my personal tips to help me feel less alone during the holidays.

Make yourself a Christmas stocking (or advent calendar with custom fillers). I always do this ever since I'm single. I buy some of the stuff early and I often forget what I bought. It makes my Christmas morning quite festive and nostalgic.

Make holiday simmer. I have yet to try this one. I have a very sensitive smoke alarm so I'm not sure I'd do it.

Watch a Christmas movie. This is a recent tradition of mine. I have a few staples in my DVD Collection: Home Alone 1&2, A Christmas Carol and The Muppet Christmas Carol. 3 of them remind me of my childhood, it's not really Christmas without them. As a kid I wasn't much of a fan of Home Alone, but I guess I got bit by the nostalgia bug!

Do a jigsaw puzzle. Another thing I got fond of recently. I bought some winter/Christmas themed puzzle from Ravensburger, like this one:

Have a candlelit dinner. You can use candles, flameless candle or just adjust the lights. I like to eat with the light of my Christmas tree on.

Read a Christmas themed book. I have some Disney books from my childhood that are staples every year like those two:


Go see a movie. Movie theater in my area are open on Christmas day. You can also rent a movie if not (or if you just wanna stay in).

Binge watch a TV series. It's the perfect time to watch the series you wanted to but never had the opportunity.

Volunteer. Some organization may do some celebration for elderly people people alone on Christmas and nee people to help. In Quebec (and other provinces I see), there's Operation Red Nose that dive people home who drank too much. I did it one year and I liked it. If it wasn't for my fatigue issue, I'd do it again.

Start a DIY project you meant to do for a while, but never got around to it.