What to have in your car emergency kit

If you have a car, here are some stuff I (or my parents who own a bigger car than me) found very useful to have in it over the years.

CAA card (or AAA for you Americans). Since I have no strength to change a tire (thanks chronic illness), this is SO useful. They even came to my rescue when I was stuck in snow.

Flashlight. Mine is with a hand crank so no leaky batteries.



Compressor to blow up tires. I don’t personally have one anymore cause my car's trunk is small, but many people find them useful.

Latex gloves in case you have to touch dirty stuff or help someone who is bleeding.

Spare windshield washer fluid gallon. This is mandatory for me cause my car doesn’t have a low fluid warning light for it.

Wet wipes. I do keep some in my purse too, because I’m afraid they would freeze in the winter.

Blanket. It can be useful to keep warm in the cold months if your car breaks down.

Bungee cords are useful if you often get things bigger than your car, so you can secure things up.

Roadside flares

Spare tire & jack. Those should already be there anyway.

Snow brush with an ice scraper for you guys like me who live in an area that snows. I used to remove it during spring to fall, but I got surprised way too often. I had to climb up to the third floor of my apartment to get my snow brush. Not fun.

Small shovel. Same reason as above. I have a parking that's plowed, but I did get a mini snow bank up to my car hood.