2019 a decluttering story: My collections displays

I sorted my collection out. It also concludes my journey to decluttering to make room for things from my parents' house. I only have one regular Banker box left there and the deadline is now fall 2020.


In the beginning, I didn't see many ideas on how to display this sort of collection. I did remember some sort of flag display.

It looks good, but it wasn't a fit for me: I didn't have much wall space and this would attract dust, which I'm allergic to. Then I saw people making a cork board in a frame. This made me think about shadow box. I got one at Michael's and I pinned the pins on a foam backing that I pinned to the shadow box. I wanted the pin securely pinned and keep their back attachment.

Check out other ideas I saw here

Key chains

I used another 3D frame for this project. I used black pushpin to hold the key chains (you can barely see them in the picture).

T-shirts & Tote Bag

I rarely used this Spice Girls tote bag (I also have a beige one) and those t-shirts are too small. I had the idea to frame them for display (thanks to Pinterest for inspiration). I used a t-shirt frame for Melanie C's t-shirt (blue) and the other 2 were made with a Fiskbo frame from IKEA.


As a kid I collected shells. More like my grandparents brought me shells from their trips to the USA. I never went to the ocean, so I only picked lake shells that looked like mussels. My collection was huge. I trimmed it down drastically by keeping my ultra favourite.

I have a big clamshell I thought would look awesome glued on a canvas in my bathroom. I filled a jar with a lot of my favourite, with sand on the bottom. It makes a nice decoration on one of my bookshelves. The orange-red one is my all time favourite. I can't remember getting it, it's really old! I placed sand in this jar, as well as a triangular makeup sponge to "prop it up". I'm really happy with the results.

Childhood Toys

Motivation #2 to declutter: being able to enjoy those favourite childhood toys. Here's an ode to the 90s (and even the 80s and 70s). I'm glad I'm able to see and enjoy my favourites plush toys without them collecting dust. 


It's a bit of  a last-minute decision. I had this transparent display box I didn't need anymore. I thought I'd try to see if I can fit my erasers and display them.

Spice Girls dolls and Doll house

Here it is, the main goal of my decluttering project: the doll house my late grandfather built me when I was 5 years old. I was so anxious, wondering how I can keep this but, I made it work. It's also an awesome way to display my Spice Girls dolls collections. Ever since I moved out (in 2005, most of them were living in plastic bins in my parent's basement. They, along with some official merchandise, are getting a new lease on life.