Win or Fail: Stickii Club

For quite some time, I've seen sticker subscription services and thought I get one some day, when I get a job. That day came and I have got 3 packages. Here's my review on the Stickii Club.

I decided to subscribe at the end of the month of January and got the current month pack. It shipped on January 21 and got home pretty quickly on January 30. I got the cute pack and the theme was The Great Escape. It's more my style in general and I saw the spoilers and there was a hedgehog sticker sheet. I love hedgehogs so much🦔 .

I got my first month at a reduced price because I used a coupon (HELLOSUBSCRIPTION I think) to save $2. It came to CA$13.35. It includes a Stickii Storage page (for each month and every subscription). There’s also a theme sticker to place on the bottom right corner of the stickii storage. There are 7 big sheets of stickers (one special themed for Lunar New Year), one smaller sheet of expoxy stickers, one compass sticky note pad, a luggage-shaped paper clip and few flake stickers.

How it came in.

The notepad and epoxy stickers.

Theme sticker on the stickii storage.

The big sheets

Sticker flakes, paper clip and stickii storage

I also got the cute pack for February, the theme was Adorable Arctic. I came home on February 22 . It included a Stickii storage, theme sticker, a sticky embroidery patch, a polar bear sticky note pad and a penguin paper clip. As for stickers, there are 6 big sheets, one being epoxy stickers and penguin flake stickers . (US$ 11.75 – CAN $16.18)

February Part 1
February Part 2

For the month of April, I decided to go with the retro pack called Vintage Japanese. As usual, there was stickii storage, theme stickers, a paper clip shaped like a ninja star (?). There is an umbrella sticky note pad, 5 big sticker sheets, one big-ish round bird sticker, a small sheet of fans (?) and sticker flakes with 2 designs: one in gold and one is colourful fans. (US$ 11.75 – CAN  $16.28)

I chose Stickii Club because it was less expensive than Pipsticks (their Pro petite is US$ 13.95 CA$ 18.61). I enjoy it, but at over CA$15-16, I'm not sure I'll keep it up for lots of months. I did skip March and May.

I really like they keep the packaging to a minimum. All the stickers and stationery items are already in the Stickii storage and they mail it in a paper envelope.

They do offer rings for the stickii storage on the website to bind them together. Sadly, the sheets are made to fit an A5 binder which is hard to find in Canada. I did notice I can put the first 2 holes in my regular binder stat I already store my stickers in.

Here is my referral link (when 3 people subscribe, I get a free pack)