My decluttering rules

Theses are my rules

The 20-20 rule

This is one the of most impactful rule I have. I sumbled on this on Pinterest and it changed a lot of things for me. If I find myself saying "but I can't get rid of this, I might need it later", I ask myself: does this thing cost less than $20 and would it take less than 20 minutes to get a new one. If it's yes, the item has got to go. I got rid of many Dollar store plastic bin that way.

If it doesn't fits, it can't sits

The container concept, which I mentioned before.

Limbo box

When I'm not sure if I should get rid of an item, I place it in the limbo box. I haven't "missed" the item, it's going to charity/recycling/trash.

Things that brings negative feelings are OUT

It's not always easy to do, I mean, my old couch brought be so bad memories of The Ex, but I didn't had money to change it yet. This is a rule that isn't back or white. I mean it more in the way that, if you feel guilty about getting rid of Aunt Becky's teacups because you hate them. Get rid of them. Guilt-free. Someone else will get to enjoy them.

One, maybe two backup is enough

Stockpilling is clutter most of the time. I'm not talking about toilet paper, facial tissues and other things that you go trough very fast. Is it necessary to have 15 back up toothbrush if you live alone? NO!

If you haven't used it in a year, you won't use it

Of course, this don't applies to seasonal items!

Don't tackle ALL the clutter at once

Many give this advice (including Marie Kondo), but I don't have the energy to do that. Plus it's discouraging and if you can't finish fast enough, your home is even more messy than before. I little bit at the time is perfect for me.

If it cost more to store than it's worth, it has to go

Another one that was inspired from A Slob Comes Clean.

Selling something may not be the solution

While you wait for the item to sell, it take place in your home. Valuable place. If it's not worthg it, donate it.

Two decluttering questions

Another one from A Slob Comes Clean.
If I needed this item, where would I look for it? (then take it there)

If I needed this item, would it ever occur to me that I already have one? (If not, it's goodbye cause I'd get another one anyway)