Win of Fail: The Adept Cosmetics palette

I depoted all my makeup a few years ago and I loved it. Sadly, it didn't fit in one palette, so it was a bit annoying when I did my makeup. Often, I wouldn't have a full view of what I had. So I went on a quest to find a bigger palette, in plastic preferably.

My quest ended when I found the Adept Cosmetics palette. Mine is in the colour Particle Accelerator. I didn't liked having many palette and I went on to not be fond of the cardboard Z palette for 2 reason. First reason, is that my face palette got dropped and the cardboard was staring to get damaged. Second reason is that the drama around the company make me want to look for other product.

The palette arrived quickly and was well packed. I was very excited cause I figured everything would fit in.

First, I did another round of decluttering. I got rid of dupes, almost dupes and shades I don’t wear much (or regret buying).

I’ve seen some complains (on some websites) that the magnet base is not that strong. I guess it has to do with the kid of metal that is the pan. MAC pans won’t stick. Both depotted and the pro pan refill with the magnet. Both magnets seems to repulse each other. I had to remove the magnets and put metal round stickers (from my previous Z Palette).

Everything else stuck perfectly (everything else was already depotted in a Sephora x Z Palette). I was tight. I realized that everything would not fit and I made another round of decluttering. I remember one share in particular, I really like it, but on me, it looked like I had a black eye or dark circles. Out of my stash it goes.

I also had to leave a bit of space, because the transparent panel as a little notch to be flipped. I didn’t wanna stick my finger in an eyeshadow.

My original plan was to have eyeshadow on one side and face product on the other. I did that. Everything was fine and dandy…. Until the next day where I opened it. My Sephora Golden hour highlighter had fallen off its pan. The pan was firmly stuck to the palette, but the product was so soft it fell. It was a pan that was new because I dropped the one I had and it shattered on the floor. I managed to press it again without too much loss. So I kept my face product in the Z palette and put my MAC shadows there.

Some people thought it was a little heavy, but I don’t feel it is. I don’t have a ton of strength in my hands and it feels fine to me. I’m not one to travel with it either. I don’t travel much and I mainly do my makeup on my vanity.

I’m really glad I can see all my colours at a glance. I also really enjoy the fact it’s plastic and not cardboard. My Z palette started to show some wear and I haven't used it a lot.

According to their site it holds over 100 standard size, round eyeshadow pans, over 95, 26.7 mm round pans, 45 37mm round pans, or 15, 59mm round pans and more.


Strong magnet
Choice of colour
Good size
It lays flat


The second side "upside down"
The "notch" in the divider that you have to account space for
Expensive. They suggest international costomer to go to Amazon, but Amazon Canada has it for CND$ 108. I ended up paying the expensive shipping on their site (but found a coupon code from a blogger).

The exterior of the palette.

The inside of the palette.

All my makeup.

The final results
Overall, I rate this palette a