Tips: improve your sleep

Falling asleep has never been easy for me. I remember being about 7-8 and my parents got me some kid's relaxation tape cassette. Since then, I gathered some tips that helped me. They are no miracle cure, but they made things better for me and I hope they can help you too.

Limit your caffeine intake. I'm not super sensitive to it, but I switched to decaf at home (where I drink coffee in the evening.

Limit screen time (phone, TV or tablet) before bedtime.

Have a bedroom that's suitable for sleep. Not too cluttered, not too distracting/busy wall colours or artworks. It's important to have a comfortable mattress and pillow as well as not being too hot.

Get a routine. Going to sleep at the same time every night can help.

A cup of herbal tea in the evening. I know chamomile doesn't really make you sleepy, but I guess it's the ritual or placebo effect that works. I love Sleepytime tea and it has a comforting taste.

Go for a light walk after dinner. Light exercise can help you go to sleep.

Don't eat heavy meal or drink alcohol before going to sleep.

Do not read insomnia tips right before going to sleep. It just makes things more stressful and make it harder to sleep.