Digital decluttering

Clutter is everywhere, even in th digital world. Messages, contact, pins, all these things can become clutter. Here's what I do perioadiclly to get my digital life in check.

Social Media

Facebook: Trim down friends and pages you don't really care for. You can also use the "Memories" features to delete old post.

Instagram: Unfollow the accounts you don't enjoy anymore. Also check you're not followed by bots/spammers

Pinterest: Delete pins or boards that are not revalent to you anymore and pins you know you will never try. Uunfollow contents you don't care for.

Twitter: Unfollow the accounts you don't enjoy and check for spam/bots following you.

LinkedIn: Trim down your unwanted contacts. I personally kept only people I knew/met

Youtube: Check out the channels you are subscribed to and only keep the ones you watch

tumblr: Check for porn/spam blog following you and block them. Unfollow blogs you don't like anymore. I personally also unfollow blogs that are not active anymore.

Also, if you haven't used an acount in a long while, maybe consider deleting it.


Get rid of the music you don't like anymore. I freed up a lot od space on my iPod.


  • Delete old and un-necessary emails and contacts.
  • Unsubscribe to newsletters that are cluttering your inbox.
  • Create rules to sort your emails. I do that for the few newsletter I keep, they go directly in their folder.


  • Transfer photos from your phone to your computer.
  • Sort the photos on your computer.
  • Delete bad/blurry photos as well as pictures that are almost identical.


Remove apps ftrom your phone/tablet that you don't use. Do the same on your computer

Desktop & download foler

Sort things where they belong.


Go trough them and delete those that don't work and that you don't use.


Remove from your contact people you don't contact anymore or their old address/phone number/email. Good time to remove that number of the person you dated 3 years ago.


Remove those pesky notification from your phone or computer. Keep only what's the most useful. You don't need to be notified everytime Julia likes a cat picture on Facebook.

Back up your computer

Clear history & cache from your phone and computer

Empty the trash

Change your password

I had an account hacked recently and it reminded me I should do that more often. Take this as an opportunity.