Doing Inktober for the first time – my experience

The last couple of years, I started to hear a lot about the Inktober challenge. This year, I decided to give it a go. Here's my experience.
I made the decision to participate, early in the summer of 2019. I was in no hurry to pick my supplies so I shopped early and timed my purchase with Michael’s coupons. The sketchbook what the first thing I got. I remember I tried to pick something that would withstand ink well. I painted on the cover so I can't tell what it is anymore.

I already had a few supplies: Micron pens, ink, makers and brush pens. I mostly worked with that. It was somewhat tempting to try many expensive new supplies or the official Inktober box but I decided against. I have no regrets doing it. You can do the whole Inktober with just a cheap ball point pen. You can do it digitally if you like.

I decided I would list my material and chose at random for every day. When the prompt list got released, I knew some drawings would have to be in a certain supply, so those were exceptions. There are so many other Inktober prompt list than the official one. This can be fun for people you have an interest in a particular subject.

Because I work 40 hours a week and I am fairly tired when I get home (the joy of being a spoonie) so I decided I would sketch my drawing in advance. I don't think it's cheating and I believe anyone can do it, nobody needs a "reason". It can make the challenge less stressful. You can think up of ideas for the prompts in advance and you just have to ink them on the day. Not everyone had few hours to come up with an artwork.

I came prepared, because I read some tips and knew that I should not compare myself to others. Some spend many hours on a piece and might be using ink on a regular basis so they are more talented. It's suggested to post on social media.

Lesson from Inktober

1. Don't compare yourself to others
2. Gather your supplies in advance
3. Don't feel bad if you prepare ahead
4. It's ok to stop or not do it every day (it's even in the rules)
5. This of it as an opportunity to try new things
6. It takes time, plan this in your schedule
7. You don't need expensive fancy supplies
8. Have realistic goals

Best of my Inktober