More stocking stuffers or advent calendar fillers

I made 2 posts about it in 2016 here and here and now I'm bringing you more suggestions for 2019!

Notepad (this one is pretty cool)

Fun/cute socks
CD/DVD or subscription to a streaming service
Lipstick/lip gloss
Manicure kit
Head band
Dry shampoo
Fun cookie cutter shapes
Memory card
Tea or coffee mug
Kitchen apron
Mini first aid kit
Reusable water bottle
Mini flashlight
Fountain pens
Funko Pop figurine
Business-card holder
Scrabble fridge magnets

Canned nuts (be aware of allergies before)
Photo frame/holder
reusable bag that collapse
tape measure key chain
Phone charger cable protector ( I have this one, because hedgehogs!)

Lush shampoo bar
Tide to go pen

Cute pill container (like this one)

Fun sticky notes
Fun bag clips
Reusable snack bag
Catch all dish
An orange (a classic)
Paperback book
Popcorn bag
Pez dispenser of their favourite character
Air freshener/room spray
A fun key topper (key cover)
Bubble bath
Stress ball
Reflective armband so they are visible at night
A special Christmas ornament (handmade or one that fits their interest)
Lottery ticket (if they are 18+ or whatever the age you need to be where you live)

For the...

Crafter: cute washi tape
Fibre artist: knitting/felting/crocheting supplies (needles, yarn stitches counter, etc.)
Guitar player: Guitar pick
Creative: fineliner pens
Pin aficionado: cool pin
Beauty guru: Top coat, nail treatment or nail colour, mascara, makeup brush cleaner
Cook (or baker): novelty measuring cups or spoons, colourful cupcake liners
Keurig owner: K-cups of their favourite drink