What to buy after Christmas

What's better than Christmas? Boxing Day (or after-Christmas) sales. I'm not encouraging consumerism and spending like crazy. I just discovered some things are better bought after Christmas, often for a really small price. Here is what I found to be worth the wait.

Chocolate & Candies

Just like in Halloween and Valentine's day, after Christmas is a good opportunity to snatch those Christmas themed candy and chocolate.

Wrapping paper

I always buy my wrapping paper for next Christmas (if I need any). Some year, I scored a roll of paper worth $5 for like ¢50. I never go overboard, I only buy what I need (often it means replacing a roll I finished during my Christmas present wrapping session).

Stockings Stuffer & Advent Calendar Fillers

They reduce the price a lot and, if you do you own stockings or calendar, you will have the time to forget what you bought. One of my favourite places for those items are Indigo. Things can get 50% off or more and you can order online and ships to the store for free.

Christmas Tree

I needed a Christmas tree so bad after Christmas 2017. My parents gave me their tree but it was a pain to put up and the greenery would start to fall. I managed to get a $15 in Walmart on December 27 or 28. I think it was originally about $70. It was a great deal.

Christmas Decor/Ornaments

If you want to change or update your Christmas decor, after Christmas can be a perfect time. Yeah, the choice will be reduced, but you can still get some great pieces. One yeah I saw a pretty cool nativity with animals (I'm not religious, but I really like to have a nativity). It was $40 which is a bit expensive for what it was. I forgot about it until I came back in the store in late January. They still had few of those nativity sets and they were priced at $10!

Christmas-Themed Food Containers

Every Christmas, I see those red and green Ziplock container. Or winter/Christmas prints on sandwich bags. Those often get discounted after Christmas which is a great opportunity. I don't mind having Santa Claus on my sandwich bag in May, especially if that means I got it for a fraction of the price.

Christmas cards

Except for the first year I did them, I always buy cards after Christmas.

Christmas napkins, plates and linen

If you know you will need them next year, it's the time to get them.

Bake ware

If you are the kind of person that loves to bake, especially around Christmas, you might find some good deal on stuff you need.

Christmas apparel

I enjoy wearing Christmas pajamas, socks or hair accessories, but I will get them after Christmas, when they are cheap.

Gift Sets

If you are in the market for a new perfume or replace the bottle you just finished, perfume gift sets can be quite inexpensive after the holidays. And if you give gifts after Christmas, this is a good opportunity.

Christmas candles and room spray

I do enjoy fir scent all year long anyways!

Christmas crackers

I use them for New Year's Eve anyway, so I get them on sale after Christmas.