DIY Christmas gifts

Despite being an only child, I was never showered with expensive gifts as a kid. To me, Christmas is about time spend with loved one, not expensive things advertisements try to make you feel you should buy. Here are many kinds of handmade gifts that won't break the bank but still bring happiness.

A Picture Frame with a Picture

I'm giving this to my grandmother this year. I bought an IKEA Fiskbo white frame and decorated it with red stripes and put a Christmas picture of me in it.

Homemade Cookies

I made sugar cookies last year and decorated them. They were a hit. I also made gingerbread cookies in the past.

Curated Gift Basket

This one is not totally homemade but it's way cheaper than the ones that are already made. I did that quite a few times, often with food items I bought at a Christmas/Artisan market.


I made a couple of them following one of the many tutorial on the web.

Gourmet Gab

Mason jar candle

I once made pine-scented mason jar candles with soy wax.
I used soy wax, wicks a Mason jar I had and pine scent. I did have trouble maintaining the wick down in the jar. I've seen a great tip on this site.

While the wax is melting, adhere the wick to the container. Some wicks have a little sticker built-in on the bottom, but most do not. Super glue is one option, but I actually used an old candlemaker trick with great success: As the wax starts melting, it’ll form a pool of liquid. Dip the metal tab of the wick into that melted wax, then quickly adhere it to the bottom of the container — centred, of course. After just a couple minutes when the wax hardens, it’ll be stuck solid to the bottom.

Homemade Scrub

One year, I made lemon scrub for my mom. I haven't found the original recipe I used, but there's a ton of them on the internet.


It can be a ball ornament you decorate, a salt dough, a wood one, one made with Shrinky dink or anything you can think of.



Another thing I made for my family a long time ago. There's a recipe for every taste!

Nathalie Dulex -

Jam, preserves, jelly and pickles

I never made it, but it seems like a popular homemade gift. You can make lots of them in a batch.

Spiced or Caramelized Nuts

There are many recipes on the internet to suit every taste. It's quite easy to do.


It's something on my "to try list".


You can make one with polymer clay, Shrinky Dink, wood or any material you want.

Chocolate truffles

So easy to make. I even made vegan ones for a friend.

Personalized canvas bag

You can decorate one with fabric pain or with Posca markers like in this tutorial.


Lavender sachets

My mom made me one with the lavender from her garden. She used a simple organza bag, but there«'s tutorials on how to sew one too.

Jenny Rollo -

Customized mug

A white ceramic mug and ceramic pain and voilà!

Homemade soap

This is probably not the easiest thing to do, but it can become a new hobby.

Bath bombs

Knitted scarf

Probably the easiest thing you and knit.

Zipper pouch

This is something not too hard to sew and there are many tutorials.

Fake succulent terrarium

It's very trendy and easy to do. I picked up my supplies at a dollar store and Michael's

DIY scented room spray

Homemade coupons

This one is more for significant other or children. Homemade coupons for an activity together, breakfast in bed, a massage, etc.