Tips: Decluttering makeup

A while back, I depoted almost all my eyeshadows and face powders. They have been scattered across 4 palettes, which are not practical when I want to see every colour I have. I found a great palette that will hold everything. What a great opportunity to do another round of decluttering.

Christine from Temptalia wrote very good articles on decluttering makeup. I highly recommend you check it out here and here. She also made a post about making better purchases which would reduce the clutter before it happens.

Throw away what is expired

That's the easy thing to do first. I'm the kind of girl that keeps makeup for a long time except for mascara. This is one strict rule, 3 months and out (I once used an older mascara and it irritated my eye). If it smells odd, has a different colour or texture, don't hesitate, in the thrash! If you get a rash or an infection after you use a product, in the trash.

Get rid of products that don't work on you / that you dislike

Seems easy, but sometimes you can feel guilty of buying that product or that you spend too much money on it. Don't let this mistake clutter your makeup stash, get rid of it.

Discards dupes

Keep you favourite formula (or the newest product) and discard any dupes/almost identical colour.

Eliminate novelty items and stuff you don't wear on a regular basis

Maybe you bought that makeup for a dress up party and never wore it again. Maybe you thought "I'm gonna try to wear more red lipsticks" and 2 years later, you barely wore that red lipstick 4 times. It's time to let go of them.

Would you buy this today?

If the answer is no, it's obvious it has to go.

My decluttering rules still apply

They go for everything, makeup and beauty products included.

Wash your brushes/sponges

Take this opportunity to clean up or throw away brushes or sponges


When getting rid of makeup, please check if the package can be recycled or even exchanged for a new product. MAC offers Back-to-M·A·C Program where you can exchange 6 packaging for a lipstick. Lush will give you a mask when you bring back 5 black pots.