What do I have in my bag

I'm not the kind of person that carry a ton of stuff in her bag. I do have some things that are essential to me. Here's what I keep in my purse or bag.

An extra pair of underwear. Because accidents can happen, this was useful for me.

Lip balm. Chapped and dry lips are not fun.

Nail clipper & file. I keep my nails super short, but sometimes they would just break anyway and would catch in every piece of clothing.

Bandages. It happened a few times I hurt myself, bleed and have no bandages to stop it from bleeding. Very bad situation.

Tissue papers.
Extra medication. I try to keep Tylenol/Advil and Imodium with me along with some prescription medication.

An  "in case of emergency" card with someone to contact, my meds, allergies and other illnesses

Sunscreen. If I'm outside more than 15 minutes in the summer, I burn. I don't take chance with my skin.

Menstrual hygiene products. If you are someone who menstruate, I bet you already have those. I keep them even if I don't normally need it, but sometimes I have an unpleasant surprise or a friend can be in need of some.

Deodorant. I really like this little to-go ball from Secret . The top is screwed shut so it won't make a mess like a regular stick that might open in your bag (it happened).