Organization products I won't use anymore

Some things works, some things don't. Here are some of the things that don't work for me and will never buy again.

Baskets (fabric or wicker)

They gather dust and are hard to clean (I'm allergic to dust). Also, in case of a leak (I used to store bath products in a basket), it becomes a mess and it can damage the surface underneath.

The washi tape dispenser

I thought it would be practical but no. It cuts the tape with a big zig-zag so I was always removing the tape from the dispenser anyway. I had to un-stack them to access the bottom tape. It wasn't doing it for me.

Recollections™ Washi Tape Dispenser from Michaels

Stacked containers or boxes (that open on top)

It's always a pain if you need something from the bottom container.

Small wire baskets that go under a shelf

They don't stay in place, don't hold much and it disrupts what you can put on the shelf above.

Cardboard magazine holder

They are flimsy and fall over due to the "weight" of a few magazines.

Stacked containers with opening

It's always a bit hard to reach the bottom container. I would always remove the other that were stacked and it would make a mess.

Flexcon Container

Tape on a hanger

It's not practical to get the tape and use them especially if you need one that's in the middle. It was painful to use.
The Tiny Funnel