What I will not sell at a garage sale

I did a few garage sales in the last couple years and I learned a lot from it. Here are things I would not sell and some you should not sell at a garage sale.

Adult/offensive items. I once had a live nude model drawing book I wanted to sell. I didn't bring it at the community garage sale at a school. I only put it for sale at my parent's garage sale with the price sticker on the part that can be offensive on the cover.

Adult clothes don't really sell in my area. But clothing you should never sell are underwear and swimwear. Oh and shoes too, it's gross and it's now "formed" to the old owner's feet.

Broken items. I prefer to donate them, stick them in the free box or trash/recycle them.

Used beauty products: hello potential contamination!

Outdated books and encyclopedias. No one will buy a book about Windows 98 or an encyclopedia that still says that Canada has 2 territories (it's now 3 for those who don't know).

Bike, hockey or ski/snowboard helmet. I would never buy a second-hand one because you never know if it was involved in a fall. It can look fine but not be safe anymore.

Baby gear like bottles, gates, crib, car seat. Regulation may have changed or they have an expiration date.

Mattress. No one wants to chance bed bugs or bodily fluids.

Dirty items. Enough said!

Promo items given for free. Like that mug that you got from your cable company.

Quality jewelry. Go sell that to a jeweller, you will probably get more money.

Anything illegal or that's been recalled.

Sheets and comforter set. They make me cringe every time

VHS tapes. Unless it's something highly collectible, they never sell.

For more information, check the Canadian Government's website.