Working from home during the COVID-19 lockdown

Many of us have been asked to work at home. It might have sounded fun in the beginning, but it’s getting serious and may last for a while.

Set up a comfortable work space

You should be installed correctly, in an ergonomic way so that you do not get hurt. If possible, try to establish boundaries not to mix personal and work space. It’s not always possible to do that. I can’t do that sadly.

Take breaks

Be sure to take breaks, walk around your home or go outside (always follow recommended distancing instructions).

Make room for lunch

Take time to have lunch and disconnect a little bit. It’s easy to forget to eat or just eat quickly in front of the computer.

Stay in touch with your co-workers

It can be with email, chat or video conference. It can be through Facebook. My work created a private Facebook group of all of us to stay connected.

Go easy on yourself and co-workers

Everyone needs to adapt to the situation and find balance. Reach out to your boss or supervisor. Don’t forget that you have days when you are not as productive.

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