About this blog

Why this name?

kaleidoscopic made up of a complex mix of elements; multifaceted: a kaleidoscopic range of topics.
vortex figurative something regarded as a whirling mass : the vortex of existence.

I feel it does represent the content of my blog and it has the same initials as me.

Why this blog?

I was a bit tired of seeing sexist blog with post like "what every girls should know" or "things for women" when 98% of the time, those things could apply to everyone, regardless of gender. Also, I love to organize and make my space more efficient, but I would only find advice claimed to be for "small space" and those small spaces where bigger than my parents house!

What will you find

Tips that worked for me. 
Organization ideas
Reviews of things I liked or hated
Craft or art ideas
Life/Self care tips
Honest posts

And more!

What you won't find

Sexist posts
Posts that are negative towards the LGBT+ community (if I do, it's a mistake and tell me gently if it's not ok)

Ableist posts (if I do, it's a mistake and tell me gently if it's not ok)
"How to make money working at home" sh*t
Diet stuff
Kids related stuff
Pseudo science (you know those so-called miracle cure or "eat X and be cured of Z" and toxins BS)
Post I've been paid to write
Anything to do with religion

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