More self-care ideas

Self-care is not always bubble bath with a cup of hot chocolate or a spa day. Here are some different self-care ideas.

Sometimes, in bad days (or with certain disabilities) small "normal" things are self-care. Some of them are for low energy day and some are for higher energy days.

Saying no. Sometimes the best thing we can do to ourselves is saying no to something that will drain our energy or is unpleasant.

Listening to your favourite music.

Moisture your skin. Often self-care is associated with face masks and facial, but the body needs some moisture too.

Use (or eat) that thing you kept for a special occasion.

Just sit outside (or if it’s too hot or cold, just sit by a window).

Open a window (if temperature allows).

Call or text a friend/relative.

Take a break from your device.

Watch a fun video.

Do a puzzle.

Wrap yourself in a blanket and chill.

Change your phone or computer wallpaper to something that makes you smile.

Compliment yourself.

Put on fresh clothes.

Make (or change) the bed.

Celebrate all victories (especially the small ones).

Take a break from the news (TV, radio, web/apps).

Write a letter to burn (or shred).

Drink a glass of water.

Declutter a small area (your nightstand, a drawer a table, etc.)

Go donate to charity that bag or box of unwanted stuff.

Put on your favourite perfume

Draw, paint or doodle.

Lay in the grass and look at the clouds.

Put on clothes that make you feel good.

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